List of Ongoing Postgraduate Students Registered in The Year of 2022

   Postgraduate Student
   Main Supervisor
   Research Title
    1Fouzia Samiullah
    Dr. Goh Hock Guan
Dr. Gan Ming Lee;
Dr. Aun Yichiet
Multicast Group Key Management In The Internet of Things using Post-Quantum Cryptography
2Asim Shoaib
Dr. Mogana Vadiveloo
Dr. Lim Seng Poh
Learning-Based Region Merging for Image Segmentation
3Chai Zi Xu
Dr. Gan Ming Lee
Dr. Aun Yichiet
A Secure and Anonymous E-Voting Framework with Non-Repudiation Assurance
Goh Ken Why
Dr. Ooi Boon Yaik
Dr. Kh'ng Xin Yi
Efficient IoT Data Processing Framework for High Velocity Data to Non-Intrusively Track Machine Operation System