The growing number of connected devices is increasing in a tremendous rate. To date, billions of sensors and devices are connected to the internet, and trillion GB of data will be generated through the Internet of Things (IoT). Big Data Analytics is emerging as a key to analyzing the large amount of IoT generated data. The convergence of IoT, data analytics and AI has provided new opportunities and applications in all the sectors, from personal, business, to the whole industry. As a result, IoT and Big Data Analytics has become one of the leading emerging technologies of the 21st century. The role of Centre for Internet of Things and Big Data (CIoTBD) is to provide a platform for promoting research and development in Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data Analytics (BDA), and Intelligent Systems (IS), which are in line with the National Industry 4.0 Policy.


Centre for Internet of Things and Big Data (CIoTBD) aims to provide a focal point of contact for management, cooperation and coordination among UTAR staff and external parties that seek R&D collaboration, training and consultancy. The goal of this centre is to become a national and regional centre of excellence in the research area of Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics.   


  • To promote and lead research and development in the areas of Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Software Systems in Industry 4.0.
  •  To act as a platform for the seeding and growth of IoT and Big Data research groups with unique capabilities.
  • To build research capabilities through R&D collaboration with the industry and academic institutions.