List of Awards Received by The Members

   1A Flexible and Reliable Internet of Things Solution for Real Time Production Tracking
Ts. Dr. Ooi Boon Yaik;
Prof. Martin Schubert;
Dr. Lee Wai Kong;
Woo Wing Hon;
Ooi Yu Wei;
Chin Chee Yang
Best Paper AwardIEEE Industrial Electronics and Applications Conference 2021 (IEACon 2021)
   2Cost Effective Scraping and Processing of Real-Time Traffic Data for Route PlanningTee Hong Le;
Ts. Dr. Ooi Boon Yaik;
Ts. Wong Chee Siang;
Ts. Dr. Liew Soung Yue
Best Paper AwardInternational Conference on Computer and Information Sciences 2021 (ICCOINS 2021)
    33D Deformable Convolution for Action Classification in VideosTs. Lai Siew Cheng;
Dr. Lau Phooi Yee;
Dr. Tan Hung Khoon
Best Paper AwardInternational Workshop on Advanced Image Technology 2021 (IWAIT 2021)
Role and Challenges of Unstructured Big Data in HealthcareKiran Adnan;
Dr. Rehan Akbar;
Dr. Khor Siak Wang
Best Paper Award3rd International Conference on Data Management, Analytics, and Innovation (ICDMAI 2019)
    5Detecting "Person X Holding Gun" Action in VideoDr. Tan Hung Khoon;
Prof. Leung Kar Hang;
Dr. Ng Hui Fang
Best Paper Award13th Conference on Multimedia Information Technology and Applications (2017)
    6Basketball NET - A Flexible and Resilient Topology for Wireless Sensor NetworksTs. Dr. Liew Soung Yue;
Dr. Goh Hock Guan;
Dr. Gan Ming Lee;
Lim Chong Shen;
Sia Yeong Kang;
Ang Jenn Ning
ITEX Silver Medal27th International Invention, Innovation, and Technology Exhibition (ITEX 2016)
    7Spanning Multi-Tree Algorithms for Load Balancing in Multi-Sink Wireless Sensor Networks with Heterogenous Traffic Generating NodesSia Yeong Kang;
Ts. Dr. Liew Soung Yue;
Dr. Goh Hock Guan;
Dr. Gan Ming Lee
Best Paper AwardIET International Conference on Frontiers of Communications, Networks, and Applications (ICFCNA 2014)