List of Ongoing Postgraduate Students Registered in The Year of 2020

   Postgraduate Student
   Main Supervisor
   Research Title
    1Nuraini Huda Binti Abdul KadirDr. Goh Chuan Meng Dr. Lim Chong Hooi;
Dr. Sayed Ahmad Zikri Bin Sayed Aluwee
Development of An Automatic Embedded System and Its Optimized Algorithm for Forearm Subcutaneous Vein Localization
    2Abdul Rahman Hussein Abdullah Al-Hamed   Dr. Sayed Ahmad Zikri Bin Sayed AluweeDr. Hum Yan Chai;
Dr. Goh Chuan Meng
A Robust Active Contour Image Segmentation Technique of Human Knee Joint and 3D Reconstruction Model Based on MR Images for Biomechanical Modeling Using Finite Element Analysis
    3Leow Mun Hong StevenDr. Cheng Wai KhuenMr. Jireh Chan Yi-LeA Machine Learning Approach to Mitigate Multicollinearity in Financial Data
    4Bea Khean Thye Dr. Cheng Wai KhuenMr. Jireh Chan Yi-LeA Natural Language Processing Approach to Financial News and Stock Market Differential
    5Leong Yan LingDr. Tan Joi SanDr. Lim Seng Poh;
Dr. Iman Yi Liao
3D Facial Reconstruction Using Learning Based Approach
    6Chai Tze Uei Dr. Goh Hock GuanDr. Vasaki PonnusamyThe Study and Evaluation of Fraud Detection in Internet of Things for A Smart City
    7Tan Chiang KangDr. Liew Soung YueDr. Ooi Boon YaikIoT-Assisted Indoor Localisation
   8Said Bakhshad   Dr. Vasaki PonnusamyDr. Robithoh AnnurIoT Intrusion Detection Framework Using Deep Learning and Fog Network
   9Farhan BashirDr. Mobashar RehmanDr. Aamir AminPredicting Cyber Bullying through Machine Learning Among Student of Malaysian Institutes of Higher Learning
  10See Jin Chuan Dr. Ng Hui FangDr. Chang Jing Jing;
Dr. Lee Wai Kong
Design and Implementation of Efficient FPGA Based Deep Learning Core for IoT Applications
  11ShadabDr. Mobashar RehmanDr. Vasaki PonnusamyIntegrated SEM-Neural Network Approach to Improve Cyber Security Behavior through Cyber Hygiene Among Employees of Software Development SMEs 
  12Waqas Nadeem Dr. Goh Hock GuanDr. Vasaki PonnusamyDeep Learning in Botnet Detection Using SDN Spatial Correlations
13Omar SajidDr. Amir AminDr. Charles RamendranEffects of Physical Activities and Wellness Technology on The Cognitive Functions of Adult Consumers and Their Purchasing Behavior