List of Ongoing Postgraduate Students Registered in The Year of 2019

   Postgraduate Student
   Main Supervisor
   Research Title
    1Tan Hong LeDr. Liew Soung Yue Mr. Wong Chee Siang;
Dr. Ooi Boon Yaik
Data Collection and Analytics for Local Logistic Industry
    2Ch'ng Chee Henn   Dr. Liew Soung YueDr. Ooi Boon Yaik;
Mr. Wong Chee Siang
Efficient Path-Finding Algorithm for Multi-Robots in Parcel Sorting Centers
    3Yeo Han RongDr. Aun Yichiet Dr. Pradeep Isawasan;
Dr. Jasmina Khaw Yen Min
A Context-Aware Recommendation Technique for Netflix Based on Construction Emotion Theory
    4Deveendra Menon Narayanana Nair Dr. Aamir Amin Dr. Au Yong Hui NeeApplying the 2P Paradigm Concept on ICT Employees
    5Soong Hoong ChengDr. Ramesh Kumar AyyasamyDr. Rehan AkbarSentiment Analysis on Twitter Based on Aspect-Based Level Approach
    6Bahsar MA Tahayna Dr. Ramesh Kumar AyyasamyDr. Rehan AkbarTopic Based Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining